Efejuku Oghene,Warri

The day I got a diagnosis of prostate problem, my life turned upside down. My family and I went in search of solution. We tried many remedies but to no avail until we discovered BF SUMA Prostate Treatment Pack. I took it with trepidation initially, believing it will end up like the others. Three weeks into treatment I observed some significant improvement. The distributor encouraged me to take a second dose and I did. I am okay. I thank God for His mercies.

Pat Ide,Agbor

I will say I am lucky to have come across BF SUMA Prostate Treatment Pack. I was billed for a surgery that will cost me three hundred and fifty thousand naira when a friend brought to me the handbill MEN WE ARE WITH YOU. I did not know I was saving myself money and pain when I purchased the pack. That is what it turned out to be. Today I am healthy and happy. Apart from taking care of the prostate, the pack enabled increase in libido and treated my erectile problem. This is great!

Ekwe Ben, AbaWound healed by AntiDiarr

My up line is full of praise on how AntiDiarr treated her baby girl of diarrhoea. I decided to give my own testimony of how AntiDiarr healed my 12 year old boy of a deep cut on his legs. I spread AntiDiarr into the wound twice a day, morning and night. After 9 days I observed that the wound tried up and no more painful to him.AntiDiarr should always be in the home

Mode Emma, AwkaBF SUMA improves memory of 88 year old woman

My mother is 88 years. Of recent she has become very forgetful especially the names of her grandchildren .I administered sessions of Zaminocal, Ginseng Coffee, Pure and Broken Ganoderma and Dr Cow Calcium Candy. After three weeks she could recall a lot including the names of her grandchildren.

Nwando Odo, EnuguGinseng coffee increased my mental alertness

I have been so disturbed about my lack of alertness , especially during seminars. I decided to do away with it. Double dose of Ginseng coffee kept me going until the seminar was over. I always carry some about.

Chika Uka, AbakilikiNo more fibroid

This testimony was given by a woman in Ebonyi. I had been diagnosed with fibroid and was to go for surgery. I attended a seminar in Abakiliki organised by BF SUMA. I learnt that Pure and Broken Ganoderma can take care of fibroid. The next seminar I registered and bought Pure and Broken. Two weeks into my taken it I had my monthly flow, it was heavy. I was not worried because the seminar leader said the fibroid will break and pour out its content. This confirms that the product Pure and Broken is active. After sometime I observed that a leg problem that has been lingering for long disappeared. The seminar leader jokingly said I should pay more money because I only bought the Pure and Broken for fibroid. We had a good laugh. I will never forget the day lab test showed that the fibroid has finally disappeared. Thank God for leading me to BF SUMA.

Jide Benson, AkureRefined Yunzhi Essence made my weak immunity to become strong immunity

Being sick frequently is something I have taken as normal, until a neighbour who is a BF SUMA distributor introduced me to Refined Yunzhi Essence. It boosts liver and lung health. Ever since my weak immunity has turned to strong immunity. I am grateful to BF SUMA. My boss in the office observed the new me and asked why I am no more asking for sick off. I gave him information about my source of new life. He has since become a consumer of BF SUMA products and a distributor just like me.


My son is 6 years old. He does not do well in school. When I registered to become a BF SUMA distributor I read about Dr Cow in the hand bill and what it can do. I did not hesitate to buy it. Today my son is a reader. He does his home work without being told. Can read newspapers. Above all from coming last in class , he now comes within the first ten. I am over joy. Considering how much I love him. I recommend Dr Cow . Buy it to help your child grow intellectually and physically.

Ifeanyi Ugwu, AwguSaved from osteoporosis

For many years my father had been done with osteoporosis. We have tried a lot of remedies until some body introduced us to BF SUMA Zaminocal capsules. I never knew it could help my father. After taken two portions accompanied by Pure and Broken Ganoderma I doff my hat. My father is healthy and no more suffers from osteoporosis.


In a BF SUMA seminar the trainer mentioned that there is a lot we can do to lower our chances of having a stroke. Even if we’ve already had a stroke or TIA (“mini-stroke”), we can take steps to prevent another.Controlling our weight is an important way to lower stroke risk. Excess pounds strain the entire circulatory system and can lead to other health conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and obstructive sleep apnea. But losing as little as 5% to 10% of your starting weight can lower your blood pressure and other stroke risk factors. With this advice I asked for SLIM FIT KIT.I not only felt good and healthier, I lost excess at irrelevant places. I have recommended the SLIMFIT KIT to many of my friends to their satisfaction..

Dan PeneConfidence In bedroom returned With X-Power Man Capsule

I married five years ago. After two years I discovered that my body no more responds to manly desires. I have tried several solutions until somebody invited me to a BF SUMA seminar in Enugu. The major topic was on reproductive problems. When the lecturer was talking about Erectile Dysfunction I instinctively knew this is the right place to be. Three products was given to me. Within two months the X-Power Man capsule returned my confidence in the bedroom.

Stephen Jonathan

I attended a seminar in Enugu, Nigeria on BF SUMA products. After the seminar I bought some products for prostate problem as recommended by the distributor who invited me. The products are ProstatRelax, Refined Yunzhi Essence and Ginseng Coffee. I can gladly say I am relieved.

Israel OkolieKnee Joint patient

A friend introduced me to GluzoJoint Tablets to help me overcome a joint problem.I was sceptical initially on its efficacy , but no more.I strongly recommend it.

Jacob MaduDistributor

The Pure & Broken Ganoderma Spores is the short cut to good health. No side effects. Grateful to BF SUMA

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