No more fibroid

This testimony was given by a woman in Ebonyi. I had been diagnosed with fibroid and was to go for surgery. I attended a seminar in Abakiliki organised by BF SUMA. I learnt that Pure and Broken Ganoderma can take care of fibroid. The next seminar I registered and bought Pure and Broken. Two weeks into my taken it I had my monthly flow, it was heavy. I was not worried because the seminar leader said the fibroid will break and pour out its content. This confirms that the product Pure and Broken is active. After sometime I observed that a leg problem that has been lingering for long disappeared. The seminar leader jokingly said I should pay more money because I only bought the Pure and Broken for fibroid. We had a good laugh. I will never forget the day lab test showed that the fibroid has finally disappeared. Thank God for leading me to BF SUMA.

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