How to succeed in BF SUMA


As soon as you conclude your formal registration with the company, your next stage should be on how to make a success of the business. And these are what you must do:

  1. You must understand the company you want to work with.
  2. You are also under obligation to know all the products of the company.
  3. You must purchase and use the products personally.
  4. You must let your conviction be based on the efficacy of the products.
  5. You should attend lectures where the business opportunities of the company are presented.
  6. Check the type of bonuses the company offer and how to obtain it.
  7. After knowing and understanding the aforementioned, about the company;
  1. Ask yourself whether you can walk this route to achieve your Bright Future.
  2. Ask yourself whether you can work towards achieving this opportunity, through this path. If yes,
  3. Talk to a friend or a neighbour, a relation or a colleague. You can even tell a co-passenger you enter the same vehicle with.
  4. Tell everyone you come in contact with about the product and business of BF SUMA.
  5. Invite them to a presentation where a seminar facilitator from the company will present the opportunities available to them. And if they like it, they should be made to sign up in order to become a BF SUMA distributor also.
  6. Take note that as many people you register into your team, the more you grow and become successful in the business. You can earn a million or more than a million a month, if you work your way through. Because it’s you that determine your monthly earnings

What Qualifications do you Need to Succeed in this Business?

  1. You don’t need any kind of degree or qualification to succeed in this business.
  2. All you need is the zeal and determination to succeed through this opportunity.
  3. And to succeed you must be able to convince yourself that you will succeed through this opportunity, as this self-conviction is what will also enhance your ability to convince other to join you network. To succeed you must;

Work cooperatively with every member of your team

As a team, always tell yourselves the truth

Team leaders must apply spirit of humility

Every registered member of BF Suma must understand that their earnings and other benefits are based on their hard work

Every distributor must understand that being an upline does not make a master over others

A team leader must always patiently listen to his team members view/suggestions

Be proud of your brand. Therefore use all available BF Suma materials in your possession to bring others into the business for your team

Know/learn something about those that has benefited from the opportunity before

Take it as a custom to attend all scheduled meetings, seminars or presentation of the BF Suma

You must set a goal for yourself

You must learn more on the products and opportunities of the company. By reading the books of BF Suma

You must use the products and services of the company first before telling of to others in confidence

Be confident in yourself and let others know it

Always ask yourself. Am I made to become a success through this opportunity

Invite as many as possible to a BF Suma presentation/seminar. You don’t know who will be very effective to your team

Never get tired. As people who easily get tensed up in MLM never sustain their progress

Learn to always be excited about the BF Suma business opportunities. Tell people about the benefits-bonuses and earning including the various promotions extended by the company

Endeavour to assure yourself that you can succeed with BF Suma. This mean you can achieve whatever you want to achieve in life as it leads to your success. Looking forward to a new car, house etc.

For more information on how to succeed in MLM business opportunity,

Call:08115206725 or 08077022444

Be ready to walk this path of success. Also prepare to work assiduously along the pathway of achieving your Bright Future

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