How to join BF SUMA network business


In all my years as a network marketer and dealing in supplements I have seen just nothing that compares with products from the BF SUMA ranges. I have good news for  you also, the pay plan is so fantastic. Let’s take the first simple facts.

To start, you’ll have to sign up or as we say in these parts, you’ll have to register and that will be.N6,000 (Six Thousand  Naira Only).

On signing up, you’ll get;

  1. A BF SUMA handbills.
  2. Business brochure that will tell you all you need to know about the business and our products.
  3. A button badge
  4. Free bonus products courtesy BF SUMA Nigeria.


The pay plan is one of the simplest I have come across.


As soon as you sign up you can start purchasing product and selling them at the recommended retail price and make an instant profit of 20 percent.


You also start to earn bonuses that range front 5 -28 percent, depending on your rank.


To climb from rank to rank, you and your team must achieve some set goals as cumulative points and the sweet part is that there are no wiping off of points in a given value month(VM) you will continue from where you stopped when the new VM starts.


The ranks are:

Star 1, Star 2,(20-299 points) Star 3(300-999 points), Star 4(1000-4999 points), Star 5(5000-7999 points), Star 6(8000-11,999 points, Leader(12,000 and above), Senior Leader(develop one leader from downline), Diamond Leader(develop two leaders from downline), Senior Diamond Leader(develop three leaders from downline), Crown Leader(develop four leaders from downline) and finally Senior Crown Leader (develop five leaders from downline)


To get to Leader, you and your team would have done a cumulative sale of 12,000 CGV and a VM purchase of the value of 5,000 GPV. This I assure you is peanuts.


It then starts to get exciting!  In BF It’s not just about how much you can purchase but also how many live you can touch and change for the better. So, when you get to Leader, you can only get promoted when you help people under you become “Leader” and then you begin to grow.


So, when one person qualifies as “Leader” you rise to Senior Leader. Two people qualify and you rise to Diamond Leader, and so it goes until you climb to Senior Crown Leader.





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